Friday, April 29, 2011

old navy clearance, part 2

so since i went to old navy last week, i have been thinking how much i'd like that light pink sweater i found but didn't get. i talked justin into going with me today. the whole store is buy one thing get another 50% off, and they said the highest priced items are automatically the ones that are discounted. however, this isn't the case, as it would have been two dollars less than it was, but i'm still ok with the final outcome.

justin got a pair of black slacks, tan corduroys, and an orange sweater. i got two white cardigans and the pink sweater.

the breakdown:
black slacks: originally $34.50, purchase price $3.59
tan corduroys: originally $29.50, purchase price $2.97
orange sweater: originally $24.50, purchase price $1.25
white cardigan 1: originally $36.50, purchase price $2.98
white cardigan 2: originally $29.50, purchase price $2.95
pink sweater: originally $34.50, purchase price $5.61

total originally without tax: $189.00

what we paid with tax: $20.95

and i used my old navy card so i get points.

also interesting, right now when you open and activate an old navy visa, if you use the item for a purchase outside of the old navy/gap/piperlime/banana republic stores, you get a $40 gift card to use at any of the above mentioned stores! i think we may just charge the next gas purchase to get that!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

today is...!

the last day of my second trimester! wow! it is so hard to believe that i am this far along.

yesterday i checked the 28 weeks section of and exclaimed, "no WONDER it feels like he is kicking so hard! he is HUGE!" i don't know what i thought it felt like when babies kicked, but i don't think i imagined they had the power in their tiny limbs to do the things they do - and he has only just barely gotten big enough to hurt sometimes.

a milestone this week: he kicked and i wondered if i would pee as a result. (i didn't.)

i want to talk about an aspect of pregnancy that i don't hear many people talk about: the nose. what in the heck is up with my nose? or rather, what in the heck is UP my nose? seriously folks, it happens. sometimes it makes it hard to breathe and then i have to take time out for an extensive nose blow, which usually involves some sort of nosebleed (again, normal during pregnancy).

i have finished the giraffe and the crocodile in sam's painting. i only have the rhino left to do. i am pretty pleased with it so far. his room is coming along slowly...and by that i mean that we really have no time (or in my case, energy) to spend on it between work, school, and homework. someday he will get closet doors and trim around the closet and curtains, but i don't know when. it has been a really busy semester for justin and a really tired one for me, so it feels like we have projects that are never going to get done. i just tell myself that sam really won't notice if everything isn't finished in the house by the time he gets here.

that's about as much as i can think of to update now. my arms are feeling weak, which i hear is also normal because my (already low) blood pressure has dropped to nonexistent so that my baby boy gets the nourishment he needs, so i'll stop typing and go do something else.

Friday, April 22, 2011

my trip to old navy...

i have never just written a blog about the great deals i got shopping at such and such store, but i did so well at old navy yesterday that i am still on a bargain high, and i need to tell someone about it.

i stopped at old navy because justin had night class and i was not exhausted so i had some time to myself that i could actually use. i wanted to check out their baby clearance. on the way in, i stopped at the men's clearance section because i always get better deals for justin when he isn't there (he never thinks he needs any clothes). they had an extra 30% off clearance, so i was willing to get a few things.

flipping through the racks, i found a really nice maroon button down shirt and a yellow quarter zip pullover sweater.

then it was on to the baby section, where i found nothing. i went to the toddler boys section and found a cute 12-18 month zip up hoodie, though.

it's hard to try on clothes right now, but i still looked around for myself. i found an adorable argyle turtleneck sweater, a black cardigan, and a dress that i am wearing sunday for easter.

here's the breakdown:
maroon shirt: originally $24.50, purchase price $5.34
yellow sweater: originally $29.50, purchase price $4.39
baby hoodie: originally $16.50, purchase price $1.56
argyle sweater: originally $29.50, purchase price $2.19
cardigan: originally $29.50, purchase price $2.19
dress: originally $24.50, purchase price $5.35

original total cost without tax: $154.00
what i paid with tax and with 10% off for using my old navy card: $22.75

i am still pumped about it 19 hours later. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

oh, i still have a blog.

i haven't had a lot to blog about really. i had some recipes i was going to blog, but i didn't like the photos i had to go with them. this is most likely because i've been really grumpy lately. i blame the progesterone. (which is also the reason i can't sleep...)

sam is doing well. his little heart checked out ok with the doctors in st. louis. we watched him hiccup. did i write about this already in a blog? it's been over two weeks, and most days i can't even remember what happened the day before. (progesterone again.)

sam is a kicker. an acrobat. a spaz like my little brother was - if this womb movement is any indication of how he will be in the outside world, that is. right now i can see my stomach wiggling all over, and i guess he is mad because i called him a spaz, because i think he is digging his elbows in. thankfully he isn't big enough yet to hurt me very often. every once in a while he will smash something that doesn't want to be smashed and it will hurt, but most of the time it just feels like a two pound baby is wiggling like crazy inside of me: weird, awesome, and a little bit like i'm going over a hill too fast and my stomach drops.

he is getting quite big though. he can stretch all across my stomach and kick/hit/elbow/roll/punch/flip in two places at once. at night he likes to kick and punch at the same time so i can feel him on both sides of my belly.

new aches and pains have also settled in. my hips and back frequently hurt, and apparently i'm having some contractions sporadically. if i walk too fast, everything inside me feels smashed, sam feels like he weighs about 40 pounds, and i get dizzy and see sparkles. so the doctor said for me to keep track of them and make sure they don't happen too often, because that wouldn't be good. otherwise i just have to do a better job of taking it easy when i go to work (which seems to be the only place i have them). i also had my first charlie horse last night, and that wasn't fun.

i finally chose a baby book for sam and ordered it ($10 off any baby purchase coupon in this month's parenting magazine!) and it is adorable. it made me cry, of course. (i cry in the baby clothes sections of stores. i think i cried when we registered for a changing pad. i just never thought it would be me, you know?)

justin is currently applying the second coat of paint to sam's room. it is light green, and i think we are going to go with dark brown accents. [i love the color, but unfortunately i cannot recommend olympic paint. the coverage is terrible. buy kilz. (olympic isn't even VOC free - by the time you add the COLOR to the paint base, the VOCs are about the same. very nice "safe" advertising, olympic!) so if we run out of this can of paint, i'm going to get the same color from walmart in kilz.]

i am still looking for ways to decorate his nursery. i have some jungle things and his name to put up, but i'm ready to get everything in there and set up so we can see what we need to add to make it super awesome.

so that's that. 25 weeks tomorrow. exhausted as ever, so i'm going to lay down and rest.